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Welcome to the Prop Shop web site.

Welcome to the Prop Shop web site where you will find a large selection of model boat propellers to suit your needs.

Our propeller ranges fall into one of two types: SCALE PROPS which comprise the Kort Nozzle, Modern Submarine, Modern CP, Steam, Standard , Vintage Scale Fine Pitch and WW2 ranges. SPEED PROPS which comprise Cleaver, Fast Electric, Fast Scale, General Purpose, Multi-Racing and Tethered Hydro ranges.

Most propellers are made to order however we do keep a selection of popular scale props in metric threads, and speed props in metric threads or imperial bore dog drive. Special shaft sizes or BA/UNF/UNC threads can still be supplied if required.  All of our propellers are supplied sharpened and balanced as standard.

The popular propellers and accessories that we have in stock can usually be shipped out in a matter of days. However, because most propellers and accessories are hand made to order, delivery is typically 3 - 6 weeks from date of order. 

Please note that propeller rotation is based on the British and American standard which is the opposite to that in Germany.

Details of HOW TO ORDER can be found in the 'Prop Shop Store' at the top right corner under the 'Shopping Basket' banner. Please read this information before proceeding. However please note that you cannot place an order using the website that exceeds GBP500.00 (before carriage and VAT). If you wish to place an order in excess of GBP500.00 please contact us.

IF YOU ARE EU VAT REGISTERED you may order through the website but please note that UK VAT will automatically be added to the order. We can remove the VAT if you contact us with your VAT number.

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Customer Feedback

Another great email received from one of our overseas customers. "Hi, the prop arrived!! worked out great, many thanks till next time"

Customer Feedback

Email received from a customer of Prop-Shop, who will be attending the International Model Boat Show at Leamington Spa this weekend.(8th/9th November 2014). He comments; "thanks guys, great service, see...

Customer Comments

Email received today from customer in Australia.  His comments are very much appreciated.  This is what he said "Thanks for the great service, once again the props arrived today in...

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SWAN PRECISION CASTINGS & ENGINEERING LIMITED is associated with SWAN FOUNDRY (Banbury) LIMITED which has over sixty five years of experience in producing grey and ductile iron castings from their Oxfordshire based foundry, which is ideally situated with good motorway links for supplying the whole of the UK and Europe. Swan has added Ni-Resist and Ni-Hard Iron Alloys to its range in recent years.